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One of the most important events of the Ankara Festival was performed jointly by the
Ufuk & Bahar Dördüncü duo and the Geneva Percussion duo (François Volpe and Sébastien Cordier). Seven-five year old, américan contemporary composer George Crumb's"Music for a Summer Evening",a composition for piano and percussion, was performed for the first time in Turkey as a part of this performance.

I have listened to the Dördüncü duo many times before, but i must admit that they were in a perfect harmony with the Geneva Percussion duo and their performance was more like a "glamorous show" rather than a concert.

Percussion instruments had a considerable place in Crumb's composition and many instruments and sound effects were used while performing. The traffic of the percusion duo was worth seeing and sometimes,the Dördüncü duo also played percussion instruments to help the Geneva Percussion duo.

I wished Crumb had also watched this performance. I believe he would praise these four artists on the stage if he had listened them performing his work.

I have learned that the TRT-2 TV channel will broadcast this concert next season. I advise you not to miss it!

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