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Their names are Ufuk and Bahar; sometimes they perform on two pianos, sometimes they play four hands on a single keyboard. Dördüncü Sisters are perceived as a goddess in Turkey. They perform not only with Turkish Presidential Symphony Orchestra, but also at İstanbul and Ankara Music Festivals. Furthermore, they performed in front of Turkish Ambassador Cem Duna, last Friday in Geneva. This is the place where Dördüncü Couple get the prize of virtuosity on Harry Datyner branch. They suddenly became the focus of interest of some listeners who think twenty fingers are better than ten and can not bear Labeque’s coquettish movements.

Dördüncü Sisters, reach to the peak point of musical harmony with two pianos. This wonderful togetherness can not only be the result of being worked together, but also requires the power of feeling how the other will perform with a strong premonition and also to catch a happy harmony. From Bach to Rahmaninov, from Mozart to Gershwin.

With four hands? As you might have observed during the performance on friday, Ufuk and Bahar can start from lower tones and reach to the highest tone. Ufuk resembles the pure tenderness of Dolly who was bit by Gabriel Fauré. This infant attraction is supported by ladylikeness in the past, enthusiasm (especially at Berceuse - Lullaby), goodness and smile. But, Bahar is the one who creates that light, deepens the lines, focusing on Schubert’s “Fantaisie”. Each has a different expression richened by musical personality, but they have only “one kind of a blood” in their vessels.

The naïve purity of Ravel’s “Ma Mere l’Oye”’s original version is the best proof for this. Dördünce Couple is presenting their personal insights and work disciplines with this piece: their goodness as in a fairytale, opens the doors of unknown, mysterious and real secrets. It is impossible not to adore the performance of Ufuk and Bahar. The ones who are impatient for listening them again can go to their concert at a boat at Lyon, on .. June, Saturday, at 18.30. They will perform pieces from Mozart, Schubert, Debussy, Ravel.
For information; you can call on 00 33 / 72 74 03 12.

Jean – Luc Rieder

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