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Piano couples are generally women and formed by sisters. Until now, we have heard about Labeques and Pekinel Sisters; now, we have one addition, Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü Sisters. In spite of their young age, they have reached to an excellent point and formed a perfect couple.

J.Brahms Op.56: Two pianos are not creating problem for Dördüncü Sisters in terms of harmony and synchronization of sound. The consonance in their performance and their unique tones complement each other.

Two pianists keep their dominance even on the symphonically concentrated rhythmic pieces. They give a clever and a deep liveliness to the sounds they perform.

Fr. Chopin Op. 78 Rondo en la: In spite of the peak points of virtuosity and that unbelievable sound concentration, Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü can work it neatly as if a lace.

Emphasizing the ascents and the harmony within the sounds are really attractive. This attractive qualifications, the continuous strikes on notes, can be observed better in “Microcosmos” from Bela Bartok.

One other important characteristic observed is their not letting the artistic behavior specific to artists come on to the stage even at highly concentrated pieces. And also, they can defeat the difficulties of Bela Bartok’s music better than all the other artists.

While playing op.5 from Rahmaninov, they prove the fact that they should not be compared with any other Piano Couples. The Piano Couple, without giving up the attractiveness of the music, organize the mass of sounds in concentrated pieces. After the romantic part full of dreams, they carry us to the final with the noisy statues of the Russian Easter. Due to the great wish from the audience, they perform this two more times by presenting the characteristics of this fireball show.

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