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We have not been introducing the “Musical Wednesdays” performed at Perrier Concert Hall for some time. But tonight’s performers were from a country that is really far away from ours. Our Swiss friends did not hesitate to take a long ride in spite of the heavy smoke to listen to this concert that has an international reputation.

The concert hall was extremely full. The atmosphere was sparkling with the highfalutin dressings of special nights. Mozart, Debussy, Rachmaninof: Three wonderful pieces performed by Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü.

The Passion for Piano!
Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü sisters are coming from Turkey. Both have a very good education from best teachers: G.Uğurata, E. and B. Aran. In order to be perfect in Europe too, they first studied at Geneva Conservatory, and got classes from D.N’kaoua and from H.Datyner. Both was able to grasp the attention on themselves by getting Virtuosity Grades.

Since then, Dördüncü Sisters have been performing as a piano couple that made them famous all around the world. They were invited to İstanbul Music Festival as soloists.

The Concert!
The night has started with “Une Sonate Pour Quatre Mains” from Mozart. Then, they played “En Blanc et Noir” (White and Black) from Debussy and finally Op.17 “2eme Suite Pour deux Pianos” from Rachmaninof.

Here, under the vaults of the concert hall, a magnificent sound was created by the artists on the peak of their abilities and by their magical instruments.

Dördüncü Sisters have started to present the characteristics of each composer separately. And the audience, at this wonderful night, have experienced a special taste by listening to the performance of this special couple and realized the richness of their senses and interpretation.

Dördüncü sisters were applauded for five times and invited on to the stage many times. The audience could have listened to them all through the night without being bored. Two young girls presented “buckets of flowers” to the pianists as of the traditions. This kind of a special evening will help “Musical Wednesdays” very much to get to known.


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