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Two sisters, Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü, will be performing in a Piano Recital, tomorrow in Ankara

Ankara – Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü, who are going to give a recital in Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall due to Turkish – Swiss Friendship Week, will be performing American Compositor Louis Pelosi’s special composition created for them in Geneva within a couple of days.

Turkey does not need any traditional folkloric games or prove some specific Turkish proverbs ie. Strong as a Turk, like that anymore. Our “Art Delegates” can do that in a more aesthetical and permanent way. The phrase, Strong as a Turk”, written as a newspaper headline after the performance of Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü in France, is a very good example of this subject. This was just the topic of one of the interviews written for them. Although they are not too famous in our country, they are deeply appreciated after each and every performance they have carried out abroad. Here are the few examples:

Westdeutsche Zeitung - The artists were like the highly disciplined racers on the stage. If playing piano had been a discipline in the Olympics, Dördüncü Sisters’ fingers flying on the keys strong and errorless, would definitely win an Olympic Medal.

Rheinische post - We could not believe, if we did not see them with our own eyes. It was like one pianist playing with four hands. The sound of each piano was unique and did not compress the other’s sound. A common Crescendo, Descresendo or Accelerando could be observed continuously.

Although the number of compositions written for two pianos is just a few since Mozart, it looks like Dördüncü sisters are going to the new compositions especially written for them to their own repertoire. They are going to perform the composition written by American Compositor, Louis Pelosi, especially for them, in Geneva in the coming days.

Kemal Sunder’s “Concerto” was also performed by them for the first time in Ankara Festival, and then in Brazil. Now, they have the performance of Çetin Işıközlü written this concerto for 2 piano's this the first time which they are playing in Ankara.

They have a quite busy program until the end of this year. Dördüncü Sisters, who have just returned from Germany concert, will perform in Geneva, Germany, France and Italy respectively.

Ufuk and Bahar are 21st Century artists. Before else, they are two modern and innovative women. They create this image in their concerts in Europe apart of being Turkish.

The interest and criticism upon these ladies abroad are far more than it is in Turkey. But they are still Turkish pianists and they are definitely aware of this. They never cancel their concerts even if there are some organizational problems and unawareness. Although they both live out of Turkey, they evaluate every offer coming from their own country. The concert, performed two months ago, for the people who were affected by the earthquake was a good example of this.

Ufuk and Bahar Dördüncü sisters are going to perform in Germany, France and Italy after their concerts in Geneva


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