The piece is made of  3 parts, in each you will discover the magic and poetry of Istanbul.
Truffaz’s work has different styles like ; minimalism, romanticism, modernisme and inspired from jazz .
The romantic and contemporary style will  come out with Bahar’s and Ufuk’s playing. Erik Truffaz’s trumpet will announce oriental tonalities which come from Taksim, one of the most vibrant neighborhood of Istanbul.

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Taksim piece  starts by trumpet imitating the voice of a Muezzin mysteriously . Pianos respond to this voice with few chords in echo. From that point, a choral appears slowly and will be destroyed with the second piano. The middle part of the first mouvement is very rhythmical and it will be performed energetically by 2 pianos. On top of the pianos,  the trumpet sings a very slow and profound melody and finally the 3 instruments reach a section with virtuosity .
The second part of the piece is «  Lento » … The romantic melodies are very well sung with  different beats  in 5 , 3 and 7 .There are some improvisations played  especially by  trumpet and rarely by pianos.

The final part sounds repetitive  and rhythmical which reminds the crowd and chaos of a big city , Istanbul. In fact the sound of pianos will give an impression as if a sampler sound .
In Erik Truffaz’s pieces, usually we can hear different shapes and  styles to explore new music without any restriction.
That frontier can only be challenged by the horizon of Marmara Sea.

Erik Truffaz

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