Cosmic Maps by Dai FUJIKURA for 2 pianosCommition by Ufuk & Bahar Dorduncu.

The work will be focused on what only 2 piano can achieve, which clearly cannot be achieved by 2 pianists with 1 piano. Like the "resonance", 1 piano hold the harmony with sustaining pedal, and the piano will play the staccato material which comes out of that resonated harmony and expand, and some idea is that focusing on the 2 pedals, middle pedal and sustaining pedal etc.

All clearly states that it cannot be performed without having 2 pianos.Also the work will be consist of several short movements which can be played in any order, or any of them but all to be played attacca, as if it is a continuous one movement work.Therefore when all are played it will be 20min work, but if in future shorter version, like 10min. is suited for certain programme (like matinee concert), then it is also possible that players can pick certain movements only, but to be placed attaca.

Different order of movements should create very different impression of the piece but yet one can recognise as the same piece as all the notes are written precisely.

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